The care and attention my mother received was beyond what your staff was required to give a patient. On two separate occasions when we came to visit my mother, there was one of your employees holding my mother’s hand and comforting her. My family and I were so impressed.

Other positive qualities we observed in your staff include timely information provided to us by your administrative staff, excellent care provided by the nurses, therapists and all of the support folks, and the level of cleanliness of the facility.

Thank you,

Tom, family member of patient

After surgery at Hoag Hospital, I was ambulanced to Beachside for physical rehab and therapy. I asked the ambulance attendant about the place. He said it was very good. When I got inside, I was startled by the look of the place. This wasn’t any drab, institutional-like interior, it looked like the hallways of a Hilton Hotel: clean, appealing colors, landscape paintings every 10 feet up and down the hallways. I’ve worked for top companies like 3M, Merrill Lynch, and Marriott, and the morale and dedication of the staff to care for ALL the patients needs amazed me. I saw each employee who aided the sick and infirm giving tender and caring help to those they were working with. When I needed something while in bed, someone was there within a minute or less. Whatever I needed was addressed quickly. I felt if I had ever seen the biblical directive to care for the sick, I saw it here. I saw a very open visitor policy. They want family and friends to visit as much as possible. I saw patients and their loved ones sharing meals out on the patio, just spending precious time together.Everyone was very professional and courteous to an exemplary degree. Sure, at times they were involved in something else if I needed something, because they have a lot of paperwork to handle and volumes of books with each patient’s needs and medications, but whatever I needed and they said they would get to me in a minute, they did. I highly recommend visiting this facility and talking with the Director. Hang out for a while and watch. If you go, I hope you have as good experience and care as I did. Your loved ones deserve it and will receive it here.

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When you
enter a new facility, there is always a settling-in process that takes place for the resident, the family and the facility employees. This is a smaller place, which makes it easier to find and talk to the people you need to help you. The people I have needed have been helpful, friendly and caring. The employees interact with the residents and family members. They smile a lot and take the time to stop and chat with the residents as they move around. It is not unusual to see the Administrator out and about talking to employees, residents, and family members. Because of my dad’s age and physical problems, he needs therapists that can be gentle with him, but still help him to get stronger every day. The ones working with him are compassionate, but challenge him to do the very best he can. They chat with him as he is doing an exercise, which makes it more fun and less like hard work. No matter if he is grumbling when the session starts, it always ends with him smiling. The gym is small, but adequate. They use the hall for the walking exercises here, as they do in every other facility, including hospitals, where dad has been a patient.I am with my father a lot at meal time. I like to taste the food he is served, to see what it is like. The food is good here. They have a posted menu, but if a resident doesn’t like what is being served, they have the option to choose from a list of alternates. They have coffee and hot water, for cocoa, in the dining room and ice water and juice at the nurse’s station during the day.I would not hesitate to put another family member in this facility.

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At the end of the day, I’m proud to be associated with Beachside Nursing Center. The staff are extremely kind and friendly. The nursing team lives up to its 5-star rating given it through the Department of Health Services. And although the therapy gym isn’t huge, the therapy team does a fantastic job of making rehab a great experience. I would encourage anyone who might need skilled nursing and rehab services to at least go to the facility and learn for themselves why its so great.

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My mom just got out of Beachside after a partial hip replacement. She was there for about 10 days. I checked out two other places that were on the “approved list” for insurance, and this one had the best appearance, smelled the best, and the staff seemed very friendly and “happy” to be there. The staff was very accommodating in helping my mom. The rehab therapists were all very friendly, helpful, and motivating.

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The facility is top notch. Its very clean, beautiful, and well-maintained. The staff were nothing but helpful when talking about our family’s concerns and hesitations. I would not hesitate to refer a friend or another one of my family members to this facility. Thank you all for all the hard work!

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5 Stars as good as it gets. Please go to their video presentation, everything there is true. The goal of a nursing facility is to GET YOU HOME. The care, the concern, and the treatment are here in this facility. Physical therapy is 5-6 days a week. Try to find that at other facilities. The food is great and that helps too, even the recreational therapy is fun and helps. Please treat yourself or your family to at least look at this facility. I am certain you will be impressed. I am a former patient, and a retired administrative nurse so I know whereof I speak from both sides. A fantastic facility. The quality of services I would rate as 10 on a scale of 10. Every nurse, assistant, physical therapist, recreational therapist, and help were skillful, pleasant, helpful, and oh yes they made you work. As a former nurse I think I am qualified to judge and as a former patient, I benefited from the care and concern of everyone there. Please visit and make your own decision. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. The food was great too. A shout out to the administrative staff. You should be proud.

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I feel compelled to send a letter for recommendation for Beachside Nursing Center. This is the second time I have been a patient at this facility. Each time I have left more than satisfied with my care. During both stays, the nursing staff has been genuine in caring for my physical and emotional needs. They have been trained to be patient, efficient, and friendly. The nurses and physical therapists were on top of my diet, medications, and specific therapeutic procedures needed for my recovery. Everyone worked as a team and the environment has been well-maintained and clean. I would highly recommend Beachside Nursing Center to anyone requiring nursing care.

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We wish to express our sincere gratitude for the excellent care and service the staff has provided for our mother’s stay here during her rehab. These employees have special qualities that are usually not often seen at facilities. They are very caring and patient, work ethics are exceptional, very responsive to the patients needs and with a very kind heart. They helped her learn to do basic exercises. Thank you all for your excellent work.

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I wish to express my profound gratitude for good loving and professional care and tending to my emotional and physical needs. You made it possible so I could function and walk again with my new left knee. You were all nothing but exceptional. I wish the best for all of you.

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